Community Renewable Energy Projects

About Community

Community owned renewable energy projects provide a wonderful opportunity to connect communities and individuals with their own energy generation and use. Such projects provide a chance to strengthen relationships within and between communities, and to create significant income that can be invested in locally-agreed priorities, including activities to further reduce carbon emissions.


Community Challenge

As part our commitment to the community, Greenmaze run presentations explaining some of the many issues and challenges that arise from community renewable projects. These projects can have a single focus such as installing solar panels on the village hall to the far more challenging provision of schemes such as a biomass district heating system. A lot of hard work, co-operation, time and tears are required as well as a very wide skills base that can hopefully be provisioned largely from your community.

Attached is a PDF of part of our presentation that tackles community renewables. For more information PlanLoCaL is a program designed and run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Its web site contains detailed information on how to tackle community projects and they will supply a pack, including DVDs to get you started.


Solar Glossary

Please download our PDF document for explanations of commonly used solar terms.


The Renewable Energy Association set up the REAL Assurance Scheme to "offer consumers wishing to buy small-scale energy generation systems for their homes a high quality experience".


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The Microgeneration Cerfitication Scheme (MCS) is a quality assurance scheme set up to offer consumers confidence and assurance of PV Installers, suppliers and manufacturers. As a MCS approved installer Greenmaze customers....