With rising energy costs and stretched supplies, along with concern over climate change, we will all have to change the way we generate and use our energy. Greenmaze is a fully accredited installer of both Solar PV and Heat Pump systems. In addition we are also Certified Eletrical Contractors speciialising in LED lighting, home automation and control and energy efficiency to complement our domestic and commercial electrical design and installation service.

We are a modern, reliable specialised provider of electrical and renewable installations. We focus not only on the latest technology and smooth implementation of your project, but also on offering you straightforward, comprehensive advice and service.

Based in Hampshire, we specialise in the design, supply and installation of Grid Connected and Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems for the generation of clean, green electricity and Air Source Heat Pump systems that can heat your house and hot water much more efficiently, especially in properties not connected to the mains gas grid.

Supported by Government incentives in the form of the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive, Solar Energy and Heat Pump Systems have become increasingly popular.

So now you really can save money, save energy, add significant value to your property and do your bit for the planet!

Greenmaze’s attention to service and detail along with it’s hands-on experience and understanding of the latest technologies has made us unique. With a wide range of practical advice and services to choose from, we’re sure we can find you exactly what you’re looking for! If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance. We’re looking forward to working with you!