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20kW Ground Mounted PV System

Becuase of the large site and the clients wish to keep the electricity bills to a minumum, this 20kW 3 phase ground mounted system is currently proividing all the of the daytime electricity needs of a 412 sq m new build property in Hampshire.

It is planned to marry this up with a battery storage system in the near future to be able to store the execss energy generated by the PV system and use this at night as well as providing a system to give battery backup in the event of grid failure.

The system uses 80 x 250W JA Solar panels feeding an SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL-EE inverter. Monitoring for the system is provided by Sunny Portal which sends a daily generation report to both Greenmaze and the customer. It is received by Greenmaze so that we can monitor for any problems or downtime with the system.

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